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The difference between Advertising and Marketing explained

If we want them to pay attention, we’ll be entertaining.

If we want them to listen, we’ll be interesting.

If we want them to understand, we’ll make it simple.

If we want them to remember, we’ll make it catchy.

If we want them to do something, we’ll be convincing.

That’s how the exchange works, but we don’t do any of that.

We want their attention, but we don’t work out what they want in exchange.

We just tell them what we want, so there can’t be any exchange.

They want to be entertained, and they want useful information.

But the strategists, and marketing people, and clients, and creatives, aren’t interested in any of that, they’re only interested in what they want.

They want to write a complicated brief to impress the client or win an award at Cannes.

They’re going to do what they want, like it or lump it.

So, not surprisingly, the audience lumps it.

Ad agencies want something but they aren’t willing to give the audience what they want in exchange.

Which is why most advertising doesn’t work, there is no transaction.




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